Since Luis Robert went down with a strained hip flexor, we’ve heard the White Sox talk a lot about how their World Series expectations haven’t changed. But truthfully, the words never carried much weight. What’s a team that spent an entire offseason and spring camp hyping themselves up as the best team in baseball supposed to say after losing two of the most important hitters in the lineup?

Of course not. They’re going to boost about their depth and flaunt their highly-touted pitching staff, and claim their end goal is the same. But after Sunday’s 9-3 win and a darn-near perfect sweep of the Kansas City Royals, the notion that a title’s still at play feels a lot less hollow.

The White Sox, who lead the AL Central by one game, have dealt with more adversity through 32 games than most teams will in a season, and there are check marks in the loss column to show for it. Momentum has been an issue for this team, as with each convincing stride, a setback followed suit.

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