As business professionals, we run on strict schedules. For me, having a daily routine and a schedule I can fall back on has been even more important since the onset of the pandemic. In fact, research shows that doing the same repetitive actions every day not only benefits your physical health, but those actions can also improve your mental health by reducing overall stress levels.

While our schedules and routines all vary, we probably have some similarities – shower, brush teeth, eat breakfast or drink coffee. But, how important is it to incorporate exercise in our daily routine?

Whether it’s at morning or at night, for 20 minutes or 60 minutes, incorporating some form of intentional movement into your daily routine has monumental benefits as a business owner. Exercise has always been a part of my habits, but it wasn’t until I incorporated it in a more mindful way that things started to click in other ways. As a business owner, I thrive on routine and my mind and body are no different when it comes to having a strong foundation with my exercise routine.