FOX 17 News is continuing to dig into why it’s taking so long to get grant money to small venue owners.

Many venue owners looked at the shuttered venue operator grant as a lifeline, as they were unable to even start re-opening until just recently.

It’s places like The 5 Spot, Exit/In, Station Inn, and many more small venues that Nashville’s known for. It’s where people get discovered, and where the community can see a great show without shelling out a fortune.

However, those small venues were hit the hardest during the pandemic, unable to start reopening until just recently. It’s why the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant looked like a life-raft for this industry.

“It’s as close to making us whole as we could ask for given the last year,” The 5 Spot’s Travis Collinsworth told FOX 17 News last month.

“We need cash in the bank at this point, because it’s virtually impossible to project what business is going to be like the next few months,” Exit/In Owner Chris Cobb said.