In the age of virtual performances, we haven’t seen much via our screens from singer and songwriter Kehlani. That was, until May 10. Her debut livestream show titled It Was Live Until It Wasn’t, marked the first time that her hit album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, was performed in full. Tens of thousands flocked to see what the crooner was going to deliver, and it comes as no surprise that she didn’t disappoint. Marked by smooth vocals, seamless choreography, and cameos from Lucky Daye and Masego, the showcase proved well-worth the wait. And while when it came to the looks of the evening Kehlani kept it simple, with just a cream suit and sleek ponytail, her makeup look took a bit of a different approach. That is, thanks to Lime Crime Makeup.

The brand of choice for the performance is one whose personality mirrors Kehlani’s. “Lime Crime is fun and energetic and youthful,” she tells ESSENCE. “It doesn’t feel like super serious. But on the same tip, I like that all the products are clean. It’s like this cool juxtaposition of like fun, but also still really good for the environment and the world.” Kehlani makes it clear, however, that while she loves the brand, she can’t take credit for that standout beat.