On Wednesday, a big group of Texas Democrats is heading to the White House. These are the House members who walked out of the legislature, killing that Republican bill that would have changed voting in Texas.

They will meet with Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss, among other things, their potential next steps when it comes to election legislation. Do they have any other options to stop Republican efforts to change how we vote?

Gov. Greg Abbott has already said the legislation will be on the agenda for a special session at some point this summer.

State Rep. Chris Turner, who was among the Democrats who walked out, says he and his colleagues aren’t ready to give up their fight.

“Democrats are going to continue to tell the truth about these bills, which is that they’re a solution in search of a problem,” the Democrat said on Inside Texas Politics. “They would make it harder for Texans to vote, particularly Texans of color. And they’re an attempt for Republicans to try to artificially hang onto and preserve power.”