Korie and Willie Robertson lead their family in a discussion about gun safety. (Photo: Facebook Watch)

The finale of Facebook Watch’s At Home with the Robertsons tackled the hot-button topic of gun control. The Robertsons, of Duck Dynasty fame, discussed whether their views on the issue differ generationally.

Korie and Willie Robertson were joined by daughters Sadie and Rebecca Robertson, along with their husbands, Christian Huff and John Reed Loflin for Thursday’s show.

“None of us like seeing mass shootings,” Willie began.

Loflin proposed the idea that people who want a gun should have to take a class similar to that of the hunter safety course. “That would at least help with say the accidental shootings at least.”

“I think that there should be some kind of class that you have to take before you’re able to own a gun,” Korie agreed. “It could make a difference in the gun deaths, not mass shootings necessarily.”

Sadie and Christian, who have a gun, were asked about their stance on gun safety with a baby on the way. (She has since given birth to their first child.)