With no idea when they might return, a retired couple had their picture taken outside their beloved house before leaving Sao Jorge, an island in Portugal’s Azores that is bracing for disaster following a series of small earthquakes.

Fatima and Antonio Soares, who are in their 70s, decided to leave their home along with dozens of other residents on Saturday, a week since thousands of tremors started to rattle the volcanic, mid-Atlantic island.

Seismologists fear the more than 12,700 tremors, which have had a magnitude of up to 3.3, could trigger a volcanic eruption or a powerful quake. read more

“I asked the taxi driver to please take a picture of us because I don’t know if my house will look the same when I come back,” Fatima said as the couple waited at Sao Jorge’s airport for a flight to the nearby island of Terceira.

“Tears started to fall straight away,” she said.

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