A new piece of fan art imagines what Hugh Jackman would look like in Wolverine’s comic accurate costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After decades under the control of 20th Century Fox, the big-screen rights to the X-Men franchise now lie with Marvel Studios after Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have kept their plans for the mutants under wraps so far, but the expectation is that they will reboot the X-Men for the MCU in the near future.

Fox’s X-Men movies might have had their flaws, but the one part of them that was universally praised was Jackman’s Wolverine. Once fans got over his taller build and saw his performance, Jackman made Wolverine the star of the X-Men franchise. This puts Marvel Studios in a tough situation when it comes to recasting the character. Whoever plays Wolverine next will be repeatedly compared to Hugh Jackman. There are even plenty of people who want to see Jackman back as Wolverine in the MCU.

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