Jason Percival sees opportunity in empty retail spaces in malls.

He remembers when hanging out at the mall was the cool thing to do.

Percival hopes to once again help make struggling malls the center of social life and entertainment for teens, young adults and even families.

Enter Wonder Cleveland.

It’s not a science center either.

And it’s not an art gallery.

It is sort of a mishmash of all the above and something more.

Percival, along with some partners, have opened what they call an “enchanting, immersive entertainment space” smack in the middle of the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor across from retail stalwart JCPenney.

It occupies an abandoned H&M clothing store.

Percival, who grew up in Northeast Ohio, said Wonder Cleveland a place to play and chill and even take a selfie or two or three.

It is sort in the spirit of Otherworld in Columbus that features immersive spaces, interactive puzzles and digitally augmented art.

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