Zooey Deschanel is sharing what makes her relationship with “Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott work.

“I just think Jonathan is just the nicest person in the world,” Deschanel, 41, told Us Weekly. “So, I’m just really lucky. I just try to be as nice back as, you know, he is. And it works.”

While promoting her new series on ABC, “The Celebrity Dating Game,” which she will host with Michael Bolton, the “New Girl” alum said she wouldn’t compete on a dating game if she were single.

“I have the best boyfriend in the world, so I don’t even think about doing something like that,” Deschanel said, adding that she doesn’t “remember any dates before Jonathan.”

Zooey Deschanel and ‘Property Brothers’ star Jonathan Scott walk first red carpet together

In January, the couple happily rang in the new year together and marked the occasion with a series of photos taken by Deschanel’s father, Caleb.

“My 2020 MVP was this guy, who always made me feel happy in spite of a weird and uncertain year,” Deschanel wrote on Instagram. “Hoping 2021 is full of silver linings for everyone.”

Scott, 43, returned her sentiments in the comments section: “You make me the happiest, best version of me.”

In his own post, the “Property Brothers” star wrote that 2021 would be dedicated to “love, happiness and the pursuit of helping others” but noted he has a “good jumpstart on the love part.”

Deschanel and Scott met in October 2019 while filming a “Carpool Karaoke” segment for “The Late Show with James Corden.”